Player's Bans

All player's bans from Dr.Mevid.Ro

# Player Date time Timeleft Banned by Reason Unbanned by
195 Adi 13th of August 2022
05:41:31 PM
1m Expired Adi mai bun decat noob
194 -nF- RazvaNnN 13th of August 2022
04:51:16 PM
7d 6d 22h 37m 25s Noire u@,banuri multiple, toxicitate
193 -nF- RazvaNnN 13th of August 2022
04:44:12 PM
6h 40m Unbanned Noire u@ Noire
192 stef 13th of August 2022
02:09:45 PM
Banned permanently Unbanned Adi test Adi
191 erikcrsss_ 13th of August 2022
02:06:05 PM
10m Expired stef calm
190 Rael 11th of August 2022
07:16:03 PM
694444d 10h 39m 694442d 11h 41m 12s Lucian test
189 Lucian 11th of August 2022
07:06:53 PM
3650d Unbanned Noire 10ani Noire
188 erikcrsss_ 10th of August 2022
07:31:42 PM
13h 20m Expired dementiaL limbaj
187 _:Sismonkin:_ 10th of August 2022
04:07:25 PM
1d Expired Rael tipat+left+jungnire playeri
186 elena ii da muie lu razvan 10th of August 2022
01:09:30 AM
Banned permanently Banned permanently codrutzew pa