Player's Bans

All player's bans from Dr.Mevid.Ro

# Player Date time Timeleft Banned by Reason Unbanned by
21 crixso 18th of May 2022
01:41:46 PM
6h Expired codrutzew jignire admin
20 Aragaz_Deathrun 17th of May 2022
04:21:39 PM
7d 5d 20h 20m 18s codrutzew calm
19 16y By Niko 16th of May 2022
10:51:54 PM
91d 6h 89d 8h 50m 33s Noire limbaj staff , plus 4 banuri active
18 16y By Niko 16th of May 2022
10:48:55 PM
7d Unbanned Noire LIMBAJ STAFF Noire
17 Lucian 16th of May 2022
08:54:00 PM
Banned permanently Unbanned Noire test Noire
16 BAT Yanis 15th of May 2022
07:23:50 PM
3d Expired ANA limbaj admin
15 frost 15th of May 2022
01:10:04 PM
8h 20m Expired Noire caterinca ieftina
14 Elliot 14th of May 2022
10:50:14 PM
1h Expired SpartaN1 jignire staf
13 sharky 13th of May 2022
10:13:07 PM
8h 20m Expired Noire noapte buna
12 16y By Niko 13th of May 2022
09:48:54 PM
30m Expired ANA poate asa te potolessti cu comportamentul