Player's Bans

All player's bans from Dr.Mevid.Ro

# Player Date Duration Timeleft Banned by Reason Unbanned by
232 Kells 21st of April 2021
11:20:04 AM
30m Expired alex jr Admin disrespect
231 mq 20th of April 2021
11:25:58 PM
3h 20m Expired Samy pa
230 _^-^Dragos^-^_ 20th of April 2021
06:10:21 PM
4h Expired zenk jigniri admin
229 AM COVID LUCKY 20th of April 2021
01:48:22 PM
30m Expired KauflandAWP.MEVID.RO Este a doua abatere,glume legate de zona intima!
228 KeeN69 20th of April 2021
12:47:31 PM
3d Expired IAN gluma cu mi-l sugi admin
227 ׺°” DaddyFlusha 19th of April 2021
03:30:38 PM
7m Expired payattention jignire admin
226 Unity dogshit 18th of April 2021
09:14:39 PM
Banned permanently Banned permanently Cristy27 spinbot
225 Profu 18th of April 2021
08:16:00 PM
Banned permanently Banned permanently zenk Cont secundar
224 Stefan9 18th of April 2021
06:00:30 PM
2d Expired -Noah- injuri admini
223 ✔ Captain Vain 17th of April 2021
07:44:46 PM
6h Expired -Noah- admin disrespect