Player's Bans

All player's bans from Jb.Mevid.Ro

# Player Date Duration Timeleft Banned by Reason Unbanned by
1075 iTz_S1mple 25th of July 2021
11:09:50 PM
1m Expired Uzi a cerut
1074 Elias@DauDeRup *********** 25th of July 2021
01:17:15 PM
Banned permanently Banned permanently Server Console Anti-Reclama
1073 albaneesu 24th of July 2021
02:02:29 PM
Banned permanently Unbanned ! 💎alex #UwU💎 r3 ! 💎alex #UwU💎
1072 iAndrexXD x Noob 23rd of July 2021
08:11:25 PM
Banned permanently Banned permanently ! 💎alex #UwU💎 muie
1071 Akash FAIRSIDE.RO 23rd of July 2021
07:58:32 PM
1h Unbanned iTz_S1mple fk uri TeoBash
1070 Str3su 22nd of July 2021
06:10:27 PM
2h Expired iTz_S1mple copiere nume (identitate)
1069 Uzi 21st of July 2021
07:43:06 PM
30m Expired Golden-Phoenix calma
1068 i live in madagascar madafaker 20th of July 2021
11:09:30 AM
Banned permanently Banned permanently albaneesu cod
1067 MinistrOboron 19th of July 2021
07:19:16 PM
Banned permanently Banned permanently Mihai Mevid sugi.pula
1066 Inspect Dau Pentru Sorescu 19th of July 2021
01:03:01 AM
16h Expired Golden-Phoenix injura pe toata lumea cu alex inpreuna